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Frances Kordov pregnancy and baby loss coaching virtual support for grieving

Understory Grief & Loss Support provides 1:1 coaching to parents who are navigating life during and after pregnancy or baby loss.


Grief felt after loss can be a solitary experience, and mourning as an act of healing has no timeline. As a loss coach, I hold space for you to connect with your grief and piece together mourning practices for you and your family. 

I offer guidance to the family and friends of bereaved parents as well. By intentionally bolstering up this network who surround a bereaved parent, we build empathy and trust in our community. 


In virtual 1:1 coaching sessions we listen to what your grief has to say. You are encouraged to connect with what your needs are right now, build self-compassion and explore what mourning means to you.


There is not one way to grieve or mourn after pregnancy or child loss, which is why gently being heard with a coach can be a helpful experience. It is often an important step through growing into who you are now after loss.

Hi, I'm Frances
Thank you for being here. 

What is coaching for grief?

It's not therapy and it's not the same coaching that's used within the hustle of business or fitness.


So, what is it?



An intentional, open hearted space to feel ALL feelings that we might experience before/after death and transition. 


A brave conversation with grief where there is no rush to change anything. It's space to settle and listen to yourself, and to be witnessed. 

I will offer you tools, practices, or reflections that you are free to explore or refuse. They are suggestions and I trust you to know what is best for you.


I trust in the process and with your willingness, our conversations will go where they need to go.

Coaching with me is for you if ...

... there is pressure to "just move on"

... it seems impossible that you'll ever feel differently

... you know in your bones that loss is a sacred experience and you want to honour it in meaningful ways

What to Expect & Other Details

I provide empathetic coaching for bereaved parents and their family or friends to explore the emotions  that come with pregnancy or baby loss. I am an ICF-Certified Pregnancy & Infant Loss Coach and provide a non-judgemental environment for anyone at any stage of baby loss or trying to conceive.

I understand how hard it can be to access the support needed during this difficult time and strive to make it accessible with sliding scale fees and flexible scheduling


I support Pregnancy and Infant Loss at any stage including:

  • Miscarriage at any stage of pregnancy

  • Baby Born Still

  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

  • Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood (SUDC)

  • Termination For Medical Reasons (TFMR)

  • Missed Adoption or Surrogacy

  • Parenting Living Children Through Loss

  • Trying to Conceive After Loss

  • Beginning Fertility Treatments

  • Becoming Involuntarily Childless Not By Choice​


These experiences can bring any mix of emotions, shifts in personal identity, isolation, loss of trust, and deep desire to connect with something within our control.


As an experienced support group facilitator at the Pregnancy and Infant Loss Centre in Calgary, Alberta I have held space for a wide range of experiences. I have been honoured to witness the  healing that is possible when we share our stories of loss.



Other aspects that are deeply connected to loss that we might explore:

  • Communicating our needs with family and friends

  • Creating ritual or ceremony to honour our beloved who has died

  • Seeking + noticing areas of joy, freedom, autonomy

  • Staying present while in a place of uncertainty

  • Making space to acknowledge secondary losses

It is important to note that I am not a psychologist, therapist or counsellor and do not offer any medical advice or diagnosis. Coaching is a compliment to any of these other supports you may have.

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